The Team

OSCS has an outstanding collection of talented staff here to help you. 
Ken was the joint owner of North Shore Laser Cutting with Pete Herd. A fitter and turner by trade, Ken has a strong technical background with extensive knowledge in being able to offer customers the right advice. Ken works closely with our key customers to ensure a value for money solution is achieved without compromising quality.
Anthony BainesProduction Manager
Originating from the UK Anthony brings with him 15 years of laser cutting and combined metal working process experience. Anthony has responsibility for managing the overall production on a daily basis regularly ensuring customer deadlines are met. Anthony’s responsiveness to delivering projects in time, in spec and in full is second to none and this makes him and vital part of the organisation.
Alex McCormickCAD Drawing Manager
Alex is the go-to-man for getting client ideas and designs from paper to realisation. His personal objective is to find solutions to problems or technical challenges to move forward and get the job done. Alex's experience in a wide range of disciplines means he can work to understand the client’s requirements with both a technical and an artistic mindset.
Simon DayFactory Manager
Simon’s life has been laser! Starting from grass roots and working his way to the top Simon knows all there is to know. Combined laser knowledge, people management skills and technical background makes Simon a remarkable talent and asset to the business. Simon’s responsibility takes over when the work comes to the factory. Staff movement, production efficiency, technical queries and machine maintenance are all in a day’s work. Simon is an essential part of the business.
Tim RyderQuote Team Manager
Management of the quote team is Tim’s primary responsibility. Tim’s knowledge, experience and skills developed over 25 years has made him an integral part of the team and an excellent point of contact for those “tricky to deal with” jobs. As a co-owner of the business Tim’s number one priority is to make sure the customer is satisfied with the job outcome.
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