One Stop Cutting Shop provides a CAD drawing service to turn your ideas into reality. Whether it be a cardboard template, components, Google image or an idea that needs explaining, we can accommodate you.

Below are some guidelines to take into consideration when supplying any artwork or drawing files. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us.

Supply of CAD files/drawings

Ideally all files/drawings supplied must be dimensioned with key tolerances highlighted.

Files must be purged of all non-editable entities (i.e. splines, blocks, layers, dim styles and line types).

There must be no zero length entities, duplicate entities or title blocks.

Entities to be cut must be scaled 1:1 - in metric units.

All endpoints must join and not overlap.

No construction lines that could be confused with fold lines or cut lines.

If your job requires folding please ensure your dimensions clearly state your requirements i.e. inside or overall dimensions and critical tolerances.

Supply of data files

The preferred formats are:

  • DXF
  • DWG
  • EPS (vector lines)
  • AI (vector lines)

* Note: we have no issue accepting STEP or PRT files but we still need to convert these to cut files which comes at a cost. As the customer it is better for you to produce the .dxf

Sending of data files

Use our contact page or email and respectively.

Supply of samples/templates

Supplied samples must be clean and in a condition that measurements can easily be established. Generally samples will be returned with your job unless we are told otherwise.