Plasma Cutting


With Option for Drilling and Tapping

Selecting the best cutting process depends on the specific application, the business needs and other critical factors.

Plasma provides an optimal mix of cut quality, productivity and operating costs for mild steel across a wide range of thicknesses


  • Hypertherm HPR 400XD Plasma System
  • Cutting size 3600mm x 12,600mm
  • Precision and accuracy +/- 1mm approx.
  • Machine TAPPING from M5 to M20
  • DRILLING from 4.2mm to 32mm
  • Percussion marking system
  • Bevel Cutting up to 45º (up to 50mm thick)


  • Mild Steel (Grade 250, 300, 350) up to 100mm thick
  • Bisalloy (Bis80, Bis400) up to 20mm thick
Refer to our material selection guides for assistance


  • Cost effective means of cutting.
  • Can process large parts quickly and efficiently
  • Holes can be drilled and tapped
  • Ideal for structural steel plates, building brackets, welded and galvanized components and parts that need to be machined after cutting.