Folding and Manufacturing Services

Folding services

  • 3 x CNC, high speed production press brakes
  • Bend length up to 4m in length
  • Bend accuracy to +/- 0.3 degrees
  • 3d modelling capabilities and animated software for accuracy
  • Automated tool changing for high speed setup

One Stop Cutting Shops CNC press brakes are capable of folding multiple folds and angles, from small components to large lengths up to 4.0 meters long.

Quick and ideal for either small one offs or production folding, this top of the line equipment saves both time and money due to the fast setup times and high production rates.

Using our specialised folding software we can take the developed sheet metal blank and automatically calculate the best bending sequence and determine the right tool combination required to bend your component.

The bending process is simulated within the software and 3D animations highlight possible areas of collision between the CNC press brake, its tooling and the sheet metal part itself. All these issues can be addressed before the design is allowed to reach production saving machine time and minimising potential scrap product.

*** Radius bars available for folding as follows:
R1 up to 4m
R4 up to 4m
R10 up to 3m
R12.5 up to 3m
R15 up to 3m
R20 up to 3m
R25 up to 1m

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